Sunday, 30 May 2010

A Room of my Own

I miss having my own room. Thoughout my childhood I always had my own bedroom and now the thought of having one room that is all mine is a luxury I can only dream of. But dream of it I often do.

Sometimes this room is an office. Working from home, it would be so welcome to have my own desk, shelves and cupboard so I could organise myself properly and so I could shut the door and switch off completely.

Sometimes this room is a shed or summerhouse at the bottom of a long garden, with a comfy chair, a stereo, a bookcase and a tatty rug on the floor. There is a potting table, flower pots, bulbs and seeds and a pair of shiny red wellies by the door.

Sometimes this room is a bedroom - light and airy, with big windows, lots of cushions and very feminine. Scented candles, fairy lights, fluffy pyjamas and a teasmade by the bed.

Sometimes this room is a day room - my very own den - with a slouchy sofa, Tiffany lamp, a piano covered in framed photos, a desk & computer, floor to ceiling bookcases filled with novels and cookery books.

Living as part of a couple, and now as a family of four, the space we share is a constant compromise. How fabulous would it be to have my own space, to fill with all the things I love - the colours, music, smells, pictures and textures that speak to me. A room which would allow me to just be me.


jinksy said...

Isn't this exactly what our Blogland space allows- us to be ourselves?:)

Anonymous said...

That room looks so peaceful - a perfect escape. I know exactly what you mean about wanting your own space. I think all mothers must crave it. At the moment mine is under the duvet where I often steal a few moments when no one is looking.

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