Saturday, 26 June 2010

If in doubt......

I'm worried enough about meeting so many new people at Cybermummy next week and putting the right name to the right blog to the right Twitter name.

And to complicate matters further I am turning up wearing 2 blogging hats myself. On the one hand there is mine & Helen's professional blog supporting & informing mums in business.

On the other hand there's this blog where I'm a Tory hating, overweight, food obsessed, vampire-loving 40 year old who can't decide what contraception to use and who's cat has just died.

If we end up bumping into each other next weekend, and there is an awkward silence to fill, just ask me about cake!


Kayte said...

They both sound pretty good to me. I wonder if we ever achieve such levels of cyberself-actualization that our online personalities merge and we present our authentic selves to the world. Sorry to hear about your cat, but the contraception conundrum sounds pretty good; a young family, a business, AND a sex life? *doffs cap*

Anonymous said...

Am loving your cake affliction... I can completely relate. Baking is my therapy and I all too often use it as an afternoon activity with my four-year-old as an excuse to just stuff our faces with sugar.

Look forward to meeting you on Saturday and having some cake talk!

Katie x

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