Saturday, 10 March 2012

Not quite myself

A few weeks ago I damaged my glasses. The lenses got so scratched that I could no longer see through them properly so I had to resort to wearing my spare pair.

Now, my spare pair are pretty nondescript and as soon as I slipped them on I didn't seem to look like myself anymore. And this sense of being 'not quite myself' has been following me round more and more just lately.

You know that sense of things not being quite as they should be - nothing specific you can put your finger on - just being off kilter, out of sorts.

Life has a habit of making you lurch blindly from one day to the next, just concentrating on getting by, and then one day you wake up and wonder, in the words of the Talking Heads song "How did I get here?"

And that's where I find myself today. Feeling like I may have taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way. Or missed a turning altogether.

Or maybe I just need some new glasses......


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