Sunday, 21 March 2010

4 for the price of 1

This week I received my first Secret Post Club parcel and it contained not one, but four individually wrapped and labelled gifts. My presents came from the lovely Chloe from I am Radford and she had obviously spent a lot of care choosing my gifts.

Having just celebrated a big birthday (containing a 4 and a 0) the keyring with 'Spring Chicken' on it made me chuckle (but only after I had checked it didn't say NO on the other side!!).

And as a permanently knackered mummy I will particularly appreciate the bottle of relaxing Lavendar Bubble Bath - if I can only manage an uninterupted soak in the bath sometime!

But my favourite gift was a felt, heart book mark. I had mentioned on my list of 'Likes' that I enjoy reading, so Chloe chose me something pretty to mark my page.

And last but not least there was a little package containing 2 sets of hair clips for my 2 little girls. How thoughtful was that?!

And how could she possibly have known that the girls are both badly in need of a haircut - so those hairclips will be a godsend until we manage to get to the hairdressers!


Nickie @ Typecast said...

Lovely gifts :D I <3 the Secret Post Club very much :)

TheMadHouse said...

What wonderful gifts, isnt it great

Smelly Radford said...

I am so pleased you like them! I had so much fun choosing the presents! Love Chloe xx

Audrey said...

Great swap items! Heather came up with a wonderful idea for swapping :)

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