Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Bye Bye Baby

On Sunday I wrote a post about when my youngest daughter was born 3 years ago on Mothers Day. Well today it's her actual birthday. My baby girl is 3.

Already in the last few months I have sold my double buggy and given away my travel cot. I have packed up the clothes she has outgrown, and this time they are going to the charity shop instead of being tucked away in a cupboard, waiting to be handed down.

But in no way does this make me sad. Quite the opposite in fact. I am loving the new found freedom that comes with having two little girls, rather than a baby and a toddler.

We no longer need all the 'equipment' that comes with babies - the highchairs, booster seats, straps, gates, cots etc. I love being able to throw on our our coats and leave the house, unemcumbered by large bags full of baby-related paraphenalia.

I love that she is confident and articulate, and can make herself understood, meaning there are less and less public displays of anger and frustration.

I love her appreciation of a good old-fashioned fry-up. That she can help herself to a drink from the fridge. That she can brush her own teeth. That she wakes up happy and smiling rather than with a piercing cry.

I love it when she chooses to climb up on my lap for a cuddle. That she wants to hold my hand.

I will always cherish the time when I first held her in my arms. But I know I will love her more and more as the years go by. And however complex, confusing and challenging she becomes, she'll always be my baby.


TheMadHouse said...

Oh I sobbed my heart out when the time came to give away the baby things. Although I do agree with you that it is easier/different to have two children rather than a baby and toddler. I am cherrishing every moment of their development

Anonymous said...

Sometimes there's a time to just let go of the baby stuff, make room for the next stage.

Happy Birthday to a beautiful little girl.

CJ xx

deer baby said...

Sweet - happy belated birthday. My littlest one is 2 and I know what you mean - their growing independence is a joy to behold. I still pine a little bit for that baby stage (not having any more - I'm 44!) but can get my fill of newborness from friends' babies.

Heather said...

oh happy birthday to her! What a gorgeous girl she is!

Anonymous said...

I love mine getting older, we wouldn't be able to go on our big trip with a baby for a start. I love their enthusiasm for learning about the world. I love that we can eat sushi together, and black pudding and that they appreciate a good film. But we still have our cot in the attic. It's the last thing that I've held on to and I feel strangly sad at the idea of letting it go. Hmm.

Happy birthday to your little girl!

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