Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Seven Facts About Me

In a recent flurry of awards and memes I have been tagged by the fabulous Linda, of You've Got Your Hands Full fame, to accept the Kreativ Blogger Award and tell you 7 things I've never told you about myself. So here goes:

1. I was once in the audience of a Christmas Top of the Pops but managed to successfully avoid being caught on camera. On the bill that year were Chesney Hawkes, Erasure, James and Soul to Soul (not showing my age much there then!)

2. I chose Latin as an option at school so I could get out of doing PE and ended up getting an A grade at O Level.

3. In my teens I had a massive crush on Marti Pellow and I went to see Wet Wet Wet in concert 3 times. On one occasion, so keen was I in ringing the ticket hotline, that my ticket was Block A, Row A, Seat 1. I made Marti a pair of personsalised Boxer Shorts and threw them on the stage, along with a letter wrapped lovingly around a red rose. And just last year I went to see him at the theatre in the Witches of Eastwick - and I still squealed all those years later!!

4. I have a tattoo on my right thigh of the Tibetan symbol 'Hung' which means 'Enlightened Mind'

5. I once saw a psychic who told me I would need to have injections (but not IVF) in order to have children. She was right as I was found to have a blood clotting disorder, which meant I had to inject myself with anti-coagulants throughout both my pregnancies.

6. I have adopted the word 'Cake'

7. When I was 2 years old I had part of my ear bitten off by my nan's dog. The dog was an alsation cross and when my mum saw what the dog was doing she picked it up off me and threw it across the room. They never found the missing piece of ear so we assume the dog ate it. Not surprisingly I'm a bit scared of dogs.

I now have to pass this award on to seven other bloggers. If they want, they can also take up the challenge, which is:

1.Copy the award to your blog
2.Insert a link to the person who nominated me
3.Tell you seven things about myself that I haven’t told you before
4.Nominate seven other bloggers for the award
5.Link to their blogs
6.Tell the nominees about their award
So, here are my seven (apologies to anyone who's been tagged already):

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