Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tummy Tuck

On a day to day basis you don't even notice, because it happens so gradually - insidiously even. But then one day the realisation hits you and there's no going back - you are overweight and it's all your own doing.

Over the months the tops you've bought may have become longer and baggier. Shopping for clothes now is more about coverage and disguise than fashion.

You may have ended up opting for black, black and more black, under the illusion that it is slimming. Or you may have done the complete opposite and chosen bright colours and patterns in the hope that this will detract from your swelling bosom and expanding waistline.

The tight jeans have given way to comfortable leggings. Belts have been swept aside in favour of elasticated waistbands. And you discover the distracting benefits of accessories, like scarves and necklaces.

All this time, you console yourself that, with a little effort, this excess weight could be lost and all will be well again.

But then *it* happens. That defining moment when you know you must either pee or get off the pot. You either accept your new shape or do something about it before the rot sets in for good.

The point at which you start tucking your tummy in your knickers! *shudder*

Please note: The photo above is not actually my tummy - but it so easily could be!


TheMadHouse said...

After two sections, I have been tucking the tummy in the kickers for years, this year I am hoping to be well enough to do something about it!

Snaffles Mummy said...

ha this made me laugh, i am ashamed to say reading this rang a bell. I am however currently taking action to combat it.

Iota said...

I'm just waiting for the day when fashions flatter a tummy. I guess it could be a long wait.

Mrs Lucia-Wright said...

Brilliant. I've been there quite recently. Fortunately things seem to be going back to normal for me. Wonderful post. Good luck with peeing or indeed getting off the pot. *hug*

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